Leamington Feel Good Festival 2024

30th March, SYDNI Center, 11am-10:30pm


Giving at the Feel Good Festival

The festival is more than just an enjoyable and memorable day out.
We are also raising money to support Creative Experiences for Children in memory of Steve Boyer. You can donate on the day or click on the QR code here. The recommended donation is at least £5.

Your donations will fund

1 place at a youth theatre group

Places for a group of friends (eg home ed/ flexible ed/ school refusers etc) at a youth theatre group

  • 1 place at a youth theatre group for a full year (3 terms)
  • Creative writing course (Snuffer and Robertson - leading to own book published)
  • Drama course (Snuffer and Robertson) - friendship and problem solving themed
  • Singing classes(1:1)
  • Shared Singing (group)
  • Playing an instrument classes
  • Donated musical instrument
  • Introduction to art course
  • Introduction to music courses (4 animal play along stories + composing own songs)
  • Film making

Youth Theatre Group

Explore the fun world of theatre, drama, writing scripts, and performing on stage! With The RYTC’s youth theatre group, young people will get to immerse themselves in the basics of theatre while building confidence, self-esteem, and good friends in the process. The partnership also offers a full-year (3 terms) slot for the youth theatre group. A long year of unleashing the young people’s creativity and talents.

Inclusive Youth Theatre Group

The partnership also offers a youth theatre group for young people who may have faced challenges in traditional school settings or are currently home-schooled. Experience inclusive ways of self-expression, breaking barriers, and performing drama and arts!

Snuffer and Robertson Creative Writing Course

Perfect for young people who love expressing their thoughts and imagination through words, the Snuffer and Robertson creative writing course offered by the partnership of the RYTC and the Education Selection Box is a fun-filled 5-day programme where young people will get to experience seeing their own stories in print! Young authors will be guided for 2 hours each day and have a digitally published book at the end of the course.

Snuffer and Robertson Drama Course

Perfect for young people who love doing role plays and engaging in fun activities, the Snuffer and Robertson drama writing course is a 5-day programme where children will get to explore safe spaces for collaboration and creativity. With themes focused on friendship and problem-solving, young people embark on a fun-filled journey of exploring characters while expressing themselves through free role-play.

Singing classes (1:1 and Group)

The RYTC offers a vocal journey for young people who love to sing and perform! In personalized 1:1 and shared group sessions led by seasoned musicians, children will learn how to refine their vocals, build confidence in their talents, and improve in a supportive environment. The vocal mentors aren’t just masters of their crafts but have also performed on various stages.

Musical Instrument Classes

Offered to all ages of all needs, the RYTC has 1:1 guitar, ukelele, and piano classes where young people can engage in a one-of-a-kind musical experience mentored by seasoned gigging musicians. Whether a child is already familiar with the basics or is yet to play his/her first instrument, these classes provide comprehensive yet enjoyable music sessions.

Musical Instrument Donation

At the partnership, we believe in the creativity and talent of every child. Every donated musical instrument can support countless musical journeys of young people in need. They can have the opportunity to explore their talents, grow in confidence, and embrace their lifelong love for the musical arts.

Introduction to Art Classes

Imagine being able to support young people in freely expressing their creative selves through the arts. The RYTC offers an introduction to art classes where learners explore the basics of arts and self-discovery. Filled with fun art activities, these classes will surely make young people appreciate art in all of its diverse forms while building their self-esteem in the process.

Introduction to Music Courses

As young children start exploring their musical abilities, this course introduces music through four animal play-along stories and composing songs. The classes are full of fun and enthusiasm designed especially for young learners. With the help of seasoned music instructors, every session is ensured to be a delightful experience.

Film Making

In this course, young people get to learn all about camera work, editing, lighting, screenwriting, and much more through fun practical activities. The RYTC aims to support learners in building their confidence, developing their leadership abilities, and letting them freely create their own stories and films.